KnowledgeShare online form

KnowledgeShare is our targeted current awareness service. Whenever, we find high impact documents in your area, we'll let you know. We give you the latest high level evidence in your field. Your KnowledgeShare profile is created to be as broad or as specific as you need. For example, you could receive everything published on obstetrics or limit to receive items related to gestational diabetes.

Kindly note that you must be a library member and have an UHB Athens account to receive current awareness. KnowledgeShare contains summarised evidence you will not be inundated with primary research articles.

If you want primary research articles, please make a literature search request using our online form

Data Protection

Your details will be added to our current awareness system – KnowledgeShare, in order to ensure that library staff can contact you and easily identify you in the system. It can also be used to request literature searches.

You will receive an automatic ‘Welcome’ email from KnowledgeShare – you do not need to respond to that. To ensure quality of service, this may also be followed up with a survey request. Your data will not be passed on to anyone else. KnowledgeShare will keep your information for as long as you are making use of NHS library and knowledge services, and for a further five years of inactivity (in case you return to using the services after a break).

The system will only store as much information about you as is required, and will destroy any personal information about you when it is no longer of use.

For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain its security, and your rights to access it, see here